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TRY ALL | mix 9g.
$ 35.00
A mix of Cannabis light inflorescences with Terre di Cannabis brand, for a total of 9 grams. There
is something for all tastes: from the softness of Perla’s AK-47 to the refined White Widow taste of
Popolo, from the unique terpenes of Haze Volare to the classic Critical Mass taste of Santa
Verde. And then the timeless classics: Lemon Haze Riserva Opulent, the firstborn between our
buds and our Somago Xl grown in Sirente’s Green Cold House. A unique opportunity to have the
whole range and flavors of cannabis light available, to try new sensations and new flavors. Your
personal escort, available at all times. Ideal for evenings with friends but also to be enjoyed
Thc <0.2%
We remind our customers that home deliveries are anonymous and still active throughout the Us
and in the countries of the EU zone with regular delivery times. For more information on delivery
times, please contact us.


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