Silver Haze

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Flying | 2g.
Trying this inflorescence you will be transported in the “Blue Painted Blue” and you will be able to
taste 100% Italian cannabis. Flying is a unique inflorescence because it is completely organic: it
is grown without the presence of heavy metals, without the use of pesticides and in a biological
way. A product that is part of the excellence of Made in Italy, for its peculiarity, flavor, and taste:
cannabis flowers of superior quality. Volare has a special shape, its tops are reminiscent of the
elegance of clouds, it has a compact appearance that is soft to the touch and soft to the eye, a
dark green color that evokes the splendor of the Mediterranean Sea. Not only that, but Volare is
also loaded with a viscous resin demonstrating its high % cannabinoids and terpenes. A light
cannabis flower that looks like the classic Haze, for an unparalleled musical experience: you will
discover yourself humming with your thoughts.
Are you looking for larger quantities? Maybe the solution “bulk” might be ideal for you!


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