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Pearl | 2g.
Perla is a precious gem, renowned for its regal characteristics, and like all jewels, it has unique
properties. A very high% of Cbd makes this inflorescence unique in its kind, with a retro taste
based on sandalwood, cedar, and pine and a very sweet taste on the palate. Like AK-47, it
induces a huge relaxing effect and is able to counteract anxiety, stress, and depressive states.
This light marijuana bud is ideal for soothing aches and pains but also for those who suffer from
insomnia. Perla is rich in aromatic, fragrant terpenes and cannabinoids specially selected by our
Master Canapicoltore who, through decades of experience in the sector, has managed to devise
this new type of strain. This type of cannabis light is also suitable for people who have mood
swings and like a shell that holds a precious jewel, this flower also holds several unique secrets,
emotions, and peculiarities. For a journey to discover the mind.
Are you by chance looking for larger quantities of light cannabis? Maybe Xl is ideal for you!
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