White Widow

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Popolo | 2g.
We have created Popolo thanks to the hard work and professionalism that we have matured over
time. A “popular” inflorescence for everyone and suitable for everyone, with the same
characteristics as the “lady of herbs”: the White widow, same taste, same texture, and same
perceived sensation. Popolo is a 100% organic flower, its shape is compact and when you open
the package you will be overwhelmed by an explosion of taste. You can perceive myriads of
Terpenes that recall the smells of the forest, excellent also the contribution of Trichomes that
characterize these peaks: you will feel like entering a bouquet of flowers. Popolo has exclusive
properties, thanks to its cannabinoids, is very rich in resin and has rare compactness. Popolo is a
unique inflorescence of its kind, as the feelings, like the love we feel for this magical plant.


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