Extra Large



Extra Large | 10g to 60g
$ 39.0
XL Terre di Cannabis, your personal reinforcement of White Widow14 and Silver Haze18 at an
unbeatable price.
Combining quality with quantity, without thoughts, without having to say “I was left without”, now
you can. More savings, more choice, more convenience. The packaging is a freshness-saver,
built-in fine metal, and marked Terre di Cannabis with bright colors. The possibility of filling your
XL with personalized weights and with two different types of inflorescences, makes you fully
enjoy the full potential of Cannabidiol. Fragrance and flavors that last over time, for a total
experience in the cannabis world.
Available in sizes of 10, 20, 30, 60 grams. Prices from 2.10 Dollars per gram.
Thc <0.2
We remind our customers that home deliveries are anonymous and still active throughout the US
and in the countries of the EU zone with regular delivery times. For more information on delivery
times, please contact us.


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